Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Review - The Saturdays, Wordshaker

The second album from British girl band has been released and in my opinion is that it's even better than the first.

The feel good five piece have not disappointed with a sprinkling of uplifting melodies on the album entitled 'Wordshaker'

My album fav is definitely Open Up which features the characteristic 80s throwback sound and is insanely catchy, what more do you need? Similar in style are 2am, One Shot and Ego.

I'm less keen on the ballads and think they should stick to what they do best, although the songs Deeper, Denial, Here Standing and Forever is Over aren't bad they've become skip through tracks to get to the good stuff.

Lose Control and Wordshaker also seem to me to be poor imitations of the style of the more upbeat tracks and distinctly mediocre compared to the rest.

Although the album couldn't have just kept to the 80s upbeat tracks as variation is an important part of a good record I think they ballads and mid tempos provide balance to the album as a whole and fulfill their purpose in this sense.

Not an insanely awsome album but the first in a while I'd say is worth it. I even like the way they've kept with the theme they've had since their first video with each of the girls in a different colour for the album art.

4 stars

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