Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Brits

Valentines day has been and gone for the year, thank God, and the vomit smell has finally gone from when I read my status updates for the day. So now we get to enjoy the good bits that come after that day.

So whilst delving into a big pile of pancakes I've got my feet up and am watching The Brits, which I would love to go to one day, if only I was good looking enough to get a ticket to pit. Never mind.

Here's my round up of the events of the evening:

Lily Allen delivers a fabulous opening. Peter Kay, one of my favourite men on the planet, is this years host and is not disappointing. Cheeeeesecake? Mel B and the ginger one come out, she's only gone and shaved one side of her head, not a good look. Should def fire someone in PR about that Melanie.

Dizzee Rascal's taken away Best British Male, and well done to him. He's been awesome this year as well as last, and is obviously thrilled himself dancing and giving the finger to the cameras in celebration. Other lewd behaviour comes from one of the Gallagher brothers, who in thanks for his award throws his mic into the crowd and swears at us all. Nice to see you too.

JLS have also stunned with their performance and even won an award. True winners of X-Factor, take that Alexandra. Lady GaGa's performance was a bit of a let down, never seemed like it started and before you knew it was over. But if you want crazy that's what you get, pretty generic pop in your ears, but vomit inducing craziness with lobster claw shoes attached for the eyes. Changing the world one sequin at a time she also scoops Best International Artist, with a kind of tearful, yet no actual tears, acceptance speech.

Two of my favourite live acts Dizee Rascal and Florence at the Machine more than make up for the disappointment from Lady GaGa. Delivering a fabulous performance of 'You've Got the Love' leaving me wanting them to do another song.

Keeping it British, Prince Harry also gives us some shpeel about his charity quar-far-rah-yah work. I always prefer to see him embarrassing himself singing along but you can't have it all.

Marking his move away from the BBC, Wossy, also comes up to present an award for International Female Artist and no doubt embarrasses his children to tears. GaGa and her little tea cup also win this for her pop art movement 'The Fame'. Had enough of her now. Peter, give her the horn!

Hypocrite, Lilly Allen, who may have been on the de-icer, also wins. Next we're treated to a performance from Jason Zed and Alicia Keys, very un-British, but an outstanding combination none the less. The lights of Milton Keynes just don't have the same inspirational effects though do they?

Next is Cheryl Cole, who disappointingly I think may have been miming whilst ironically singing 'I want to fight for this love'. Not after the second time though, you've got to know when to say enough is enough don't you Cheryl? Good performance though, shame about the possible miming. Another X-Factor related win for JLS for Best Single. Biggest boyband of the generation? Debatable but I agree, who else is there when it seems that female solo artists are dominating right now? That Aston sure can do a back flip though.

Biggest prize of the night goes to Florence and the Machine, congratulations, it's a fab album and a well deserved award.

Performing genius Robbie Williams is also given his Lifetime Achievement Award. There's no denying that he's an excellent performer and well and truly deserves that. It's a shame he couldn't break America though but it's still a treat to get to see him do some of his classic songs because he won't be doing them forever, not with his bank balance. A fantastic medley, and I do love a good medley, doesn't even matter if he's on coke.

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