Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Lady GaGa: Born This Way Review

Having acquired Lady GaGa's new album recently after a long wait since I first began to enjoy her first 'The Fame' I was eager to hear her follow up album.

In a nut shell I don't think this is as good as the first album.

There are tracks that I enjoy, these being, Judas, Marry The Night, Born This Way, The Edge of Glory, Hair and my favourite Bloody Mary which after a disappointing introduction becomes quite catchy.

Other tracks which I don't particularly enjoy but don't dislike either are Government Hooker, Americano, Bad Kids,

But what I really don't like are Scheibe, Black Jesus, Highway Unicorn, Heavy Metal Lover, Electric Chapel, The Queen, You and I and  Fashion of His Love.

These tracks are really nothing special at all, they all start to sound the same and Fashion of His Love is a blatant rip of Madonna's Express Yourself. Despite GaGa being accused of this before and claiming that yes, she is heavily influence by Madonna, but her songs are original.

As well as this to add to the things I don't like about this album, some tracks last 5 minutes meaning I found myself at times you're willing them to end, especially as they are quite repetitive anyway.

It's a shame as with her debut album there were no tracks that I would have written off as complete rubbish and would have happily listened to the whole album through, this is most certainly not the case with Born This Way. As well as this the remix tracks included are, along with 90% of GaGa remixes, a waste of time.

All in all there are more things that I dislike about the album than I like and the majority of the tracks I do like are already singles. After listening to the album it seems like Lady GaGa is sticking to what she's best at, being a visual spectacle, a novelty with coke cans in her hair, not a producer of quality albums.

Not worth the two year wait:

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