Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Mad Men Review

So as a lot of people from work have really gotten in Mad Men. I thought I would jump on the band wagon and download some for myself to watch.

To put my review into context so far I am just coming to the back end of Season Two and in a nut shell my review is this: "I want to keep watching it."

But to be more specific. At first I was put off by the lack of likable characters, to generalise, the men almost exclusively cheat on their wives, and to put it bluntly, Pete is a complete dick. The women have affairs with married men and often are only shown as secretaries or sex objects and none of them really care enough to break the mould and do anything about it.

There are two slight exceptions to the rule, Peggy, who is slightly likable despite sleeping with Pete, which I'll just put down to naivety and forgive her for and since then has shown real ambition, although seemingly at the cost of her sexuality. And also Betty, a beautiful women, but just a housewife and clearly troubled by something, but not particularly dis-likable.

After getting over this the characters do tend to grow on you, and after all we're all just a product of our time. This also plays another important part in the programme, set in the 1960s there are often startling differences between the world today and 50 years ago. Smoking is excessive, even while pregnant and debatable as a health hazard, drinking and driving is perfectly acceptable, racism, homophobia and sexism are common place and class and breeding are over emphasised.

Despite this the 1960s setting is one of my favourite aspects of the programme. It brings the programme a unique aesthetic and the womens costumes in particular are something to look forward to.

Plot twists and turns keep you guessing and its subtlety makes Mad Men an intelligent drama.

Also here's some gifs:

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