Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Cars 2 Review

Sunday I was lucky enough to get tickets to the multimedia screening of Cars 2 in London's Empire Theatre Leicester Square.

Despite the film itself being quite hotly anticipated what I was more excited about was the trailer for Brave and the Toy Story 3 short film before the main feature.

The short and trailer didn't disappoint. It's good to see something a bit original from Pixar in the form of Brave and who wouldn't say no to a bit more of your favourite Toy Story characters and an insight into their new shenanigans at their new home with Bonnie.

What I enjoy about Cars 2 was mainly the way it looked. The different city settings were excellent, Japan, Rome, Paris and London. Being home, I really did enjoy the attention to detail in Pixar's recreation of the central London streets. I enjoyed the celebrity characters, Prince William, The Queen, Lewis Hamilton were all familiar faces I thought were good to see in Car form.

As the screening I was in was jam packed with children the film did drag on a bit for them, but what doesn't drag on for a child and when the credits rolled they were all eager to leave as quickly as they could, tired of being cooped up in the theatre.

The plot itself was probably also a bit complicated for them, what 5 year old understands the difference between a fossil fuel and renewable energy? But there were parts made solely for their entertainment; the lovable character Matey and his toilet humour were universally enjoyable. Although the gag of his mistaken identity did go on for the majority of the film and honestly did become tired.

However in the end a lesson was learned by the protagonist McQueen that you should always stick by your friends and that home truly is where the heart is.

All in all I would have preferred to see something original from Pixar, as I've never been disappointed in an original such a Ratatouille or Wall-E, but saying that you got what you expected in Cars 2. The characters were lovable and it was good to see them in a change of setting, the plot could have done with more work though.

I'll be looking forward to seeing Brave in another years time.

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