Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Beyonce 4

Beyoncé's latest album 4 has just been released. Along with that Mrs Jay Z has also been seen out and about quite a lot promoting it and wearing clothes.

After hearing the album for the first time I wasn't particularly keen. It's got a lot of boring love songs I'm sure are dedicated to her husband Jason Zed, meaning that from my point of view she'd changed from the Beyoncé we knew from Single Ladies and Independent Woman.

Although there's nothing wrong with the love songs, they do go on a bit and don't provide much variation. Also predictably my favourite songs on the album are the singles, 1+1 and Best Thing I Never Had.
However after seeing her performance at Glastonbury my mind was changed. She was an excellent crowd pleaser. Despite not being technically in keeping with the rock tradition of a festival she shouldn't be shunned just because she's popular. Her performance was superb, although the set list was almost a complete copy of her recent world tour and the accompanying album which is tried and tested I would have liked to see a special guest maybe GaGa or her Destiny's Child former band mates Kelly and Michelle.
Having been a recording artist since 1997 to the present day, a total of 14 years, Beyonce truly deserves her position as the first female headline act for Glastonbury. Hopefully that milestone won't mark a peak, and long may her success continue.

Overall Beyoncé's 4 gets 3/5 from me.

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