Tuesday, 19 July 2011

MTVs Geordie Shore

After having recently finished my Mad Men marathon, there has been a hole left in my life. After dipping in and out of Jersey Shore I decided to watch the first episode of Geordie Shore online, after being quick shocked by some of the events I saw taking place morbid curiosity drove me to watch the whole season.

For those that don't know Geordie Shore is the British adaptation of Jersey Shore. A 'reality' tv programme based around a group of young strangers who move into a shared house. The programme is generally filled with their arguments, drunken arguments and arguments between couples. The cast are defined by their characteristic look:

One noticeable difference between this series and the American version is the behaviour of the cast. The Geordie's are louder, rowdier and raunchier.

The boys will do anything to pull a lady and bring them back to the house and sometimes get down to the deed without the rigmarole of actually bringing their partners home and spending the night with them. Somewhat shockingly (maybe I'm naive) the girls have the same attitude and ultimately seem to have the same goal as the boys.

To pick out one character who deviates from this mould, is Vicky who never 'bangs' her on/off boyfriend/FWB Jay, much to his frustration. Apart from this they did spend the majority of their time either kissing (tashing on?) or arguing. Especially with these two is where you can see the copy and paste formula applied from the Jersey Shore series. These two are the equivalent of Ronnie and Sammi whilst Snooki is the less likable equivalent of Sophie and the outcast who leaves and returns to the house is Holly/Angelina.

All in all, Geordie Shore serves it's purpose as the UK version of Jersey Shore well. There's arguments love  lust, drama, drinking and arguments. Although I can see why some may be upset as some of the things they get up to are quite shocking albeit ultimately harmless, I wouldn't want this to be what people think Britain or British people are like. Having never been to Newcastle, and now not particularly wanting to, I can only assume that my prejudices that it's rough up north are true.

It's worth watching for the shock factor alone and is an education on a group of people I never knew existed. See the Geordie lads and lasses in Magaluf.

 Update: Magaluf

I do also write about things other than vile northerners but since this post has proved to be particularly popular I thought it right to add in my thoughts of the Geordie Shore team's trip to Magaluf.

And in essence it's exactly what you'd expect, particularly from the boys, for who it seems that the hot weather sync their brains to their penises even more so than in Newcastle. Mostly Gary and Jay who seem incapable wanting to do anything else apart from pulling. To such as extent that I can't believe that anyone would find it satisfying.

Saying that Greg and James are quite emasculated by their inability to pull as succinctly put by Vicky, "I was starting to think they couldn't even pull a muscle"

The girls however have impressed me a bit more this season. Vicky has had a personality transplant and is now known as 'Zen Vicky' which she did need to be honest. Saying that she's still not afraid to speak her mind, which is mostly filled with strong opinions and home truths about the boys and also some good one liners.

Charlotte is also become a bit more endeering especially after nasty Gaz said she was ugly, but still took her on as his banker, and then slept with two other girls the same day. Hopefully a lesson learnt by Charlotte there.
As Vicky said herself:

As Gary has sex with his third girl of the day in the pool at a pool party
 To sum up, Geordie Shore Magaluf Madness, the men are still vile but the girls are doing better.

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