Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Review Bridesmaids

Hailed as the female version of the Hangover comedy 'Bridesmaids' has exceeded expectations in with it's box office takings.

Starring Kirstin Wiig Bridesmaids is the starts out as the story of her pathetic life. After her business collapsing and her boyfriends simultaneously leaving her Annie is single, broke and working at a job she hates, she has one man in her life, Ted (played by Mad Men's John Hamm) who treats her badly.

She then receives the news that her best friend, Lillian, is engaged and has appointed her in the role of maid of honour. Leaving Annie to help organise the wedding as well as a bridal shower for the other bridesmaids who are a lively bunch of characters to say the least.

There are two ways of viewing Bridesmaids; first that the women are still bound as stereotypical women. Lillian is desperate to get married and Annie's life is a failure because she has no man and is at the end is a success because she found a nice man to look after her and magically all her problem dissappear. Aside from that it can also be viewed that it is undeniably impressive that Bridesmaids marks a breakthrough in female comedy who's generally positive reception has not been seen before. The arrival of a female comedy, both starring women and written by women is a feat not to be written off.

What I liked about the film was that it was mostly funny. The toilet humour was disgusting but I begrudgingly admit was funny. What the film did demonstrate was that there are different kinds of femininity, not just the one that Hollywood spits out everytime. And coming to think of it is hard to think of something about the film I didn't like. The Chris O'Dowd character was adorable and sweet, the ending was happy and maybe to truly please the feminist critics it should have been a sad one?

Also, have you seen this?

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