Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Ed Sheeran

Recently having enjoyed success with his single 'A-Team' championed by BBC Radio 1 and going straight to number 3 in the charts is Ed Sheeran.

On the coat tails of this success is this, his debut album named '+' is available for pre-order and set to be released 12th September 2011. Despite having never so far released an album Ed has released numerous EPs.

Ed's success can pay a lot of it's dues to social media. He's an active tweeter and also has a strong presense on both My Space and YouTube.

His fans are loyal, and there are various anecdotes of their loyalty to him, queuing and sneaking into over crowded venues just to hear him play. In turn he is also loyal to his fans, and has made it his aim to perform as much as possible, even to minuscule audiences.

His style is acoustic, he sings fast and sometimes raps on his songs, a cross between James Morrison and Jack Johnson.

My favourite EP is Loose Change and my favourite tracks are One Night and Sofa. Songs I wrote with Amy is also impressive featuring more love songs than the other EPs.

In some respects Ed lyrically reminds me of The Arctic Monkeys in terms of the mundane realism and cultural references in their lyrics;
"I needed money but I'm too shy to ask her, and she buys me chips and cheese so I tell her she's all I need." - One Night
"We kick off the day with Friends on T4" - Sofa
It may not be Shakespeare, but most certainly a comparison can be drawn.
"You're a Topshop princess and a rock star too" - Still Take You Home
"Red light indicates doors are secure"

His next single 'You need me I don't need you' is out 28th August.

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