Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Review: Friends With Benefits

 Friends with Benefits released by Sony Pictures is a rom com staring Justin Timblerlake and Mila Kunis. The film is about the friends complicated relationship when they decide to become 'Friends with Benefits.'

It was odd to see the pair who recently both gained critical acclaim for their roles in both 'The Social Network' and 'Black Swan' in a completely different film. A most likely well thought out decision to demonstrate both of their adaptabilities as actors.

All in all the film is quite poor, it has funny moments but not nearly enough.

But the film is, unapologetically, what it is. It makes self references to other romantic comedies and their formulaic nature in an attempt to separate itself which it does reasonably well. For example the opening sequence with Jaime where she gets herself into a typically womanly "tizz", ending up on a baggage carousel with a hastily made lipstick sign is a poor and cringe worthy opener however late Dylan (Justin Timberlake) later references this as a bad and stereotypical first meeting.

What however I found most annoying and almost inexcusable was it's completely inappropriate use of product placement. Why would Mila Kunis own a Playstaion move and then go on to play on it with her mother, and then involve it even more into the scene by talking into it? It's just wrong.

It's attempts at Sex and the City style open talk about sex were also unnecessarily, but then again I don't even like it when Sex and the City does that, but the rest of the cinema was laughing.

In the end we all get what we want, the couple end up together and everyone lives happily ever after, so who can complain?

It has it's moments, it is what it is, and you get to see Justin Timblerlake's bottom and he takes his top off a lot so1.5

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