Thursday, 27 October 2011

Music Videos of the Week

I'm not normally much of a music video fan except when someone like Beyoncé has a new video out, or if an artist has done something particularly out of the ordinary but this week I have been converted. With exciting new releases from Rihanna, Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé and a cheeky Christmas offering from Justin Bieber keeping me glued to YouTube.

So here's my count down of my top music videos of the week:

1.) Ed Sheeran - Lego House

My favourite artist of the moment, Ed Sheeran, has a new video for his latest single release, Lego House. Starring my favourite ginger actor Rupert Grint the video is simple, funny and has a twist to the tale. What's there not to love?
2.) Beyoncé - Love on Top

An even more simplistic video from Beyoncé for the next release from her album 4. Her, a few backing dancers, a black leotard and a hat, then two or three outfit changes and that's all she needs. This and Countdown have been quite a contrast to the previous single Girls (Run the World) I'm assuming because time is soon running out where the mother-to-be will be in no state to be prancing around in a leotard. Despite this Queen B looks stunning as expected in this video.

3.) Rihanna - We Found Love

To be honest the first time I saw this before the song kicks in at 00:50 I thought it was a spoof. The voice over sounds Mancunian and suggests this is the voice of Rihanna, which I think I found most odd because we all known that the Barbadian born singer could not be any further from Manchester or the setting it seems the character she is trying to play is from, overcast, poverty ridden, norther, lower class British. Most certainly not the home of R and B sensation Rihanna.

But after you get your head around this is the part that she is playing the video gets a more believable.

The Chris Brown lookalike who she has an argument with in the car is also a bit too close to home, after not really openly speaking about the incident since it seems like controversy for the sake of controversy rather than there being any real need have this look for her co-star.

Ties to the song upbeat song also seem to be pretty lose. Despite this the video is something mildly different from what we're used to from Rihanna and overall her acting skills are also passable and the video definately keeps your attention for its whole four and a half minutes.

Also a bit of controversy about an Irish farmer's disapproval of her lewd behaviour in his field also helps to get the video in the papers before it even came out!

4.) Justin Bieber - Mistletoe

 Justin Bieber's new single. It's festive. Yes he says Shawty far too much and it's cheesy but embrace it. Yay Christmas!

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