Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Trend: Downton Abbey Style

Since the launch of the second series of Downton Abbey it seems that the programme can barely make it a day without featuring in the papers. And when I say papers I what I really mean is housewives favourite The Daily Mail, who it seems cannot get enough of it. But they are not alone, the programme seems to have taken over the nation and also hopped over the pond to win four Emmy's. So if you're not watching it already, you should be!

Downton Abbey Style

Like any other period drama the costumes do tend to take center stage and in a similar way to AMC's Mad Men the fashion of the period is beginning to slither its way onto our high streets.

Although a real fur coat or some of Violet Crawley's Queen Victoria style outfits may be taking it to the extreme you can also pick up on the trend in a much more subtle and stylish way. Below is my pick of the highstreet's Downton Abbey inspired offerings:

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