Wednesday, 30 November 2011

November in Instagram

Taking inspiration from Daisy's blog, Cupcakes and Cherries, I've decided to record what I've been up to this month in the format of Instagram Photos. Here goes:

So this month I went to Paris with my sister and a friend, this is a little souvenir I bought back. It's a paper cut out of the Eiffel Tower that I constructed myself :)

Another memento from Paris, my ticket to the Louvre, did you know that people ages between 18-25 don't have to pay? I didn't. I'm not particularly sentimental so I'll probably throw it away but it's been loitering around in my room for a few days now.
Something else I'd been up to this month is contained in this pretty notebook I bought for the occassion. Can't say too much about it but things didn't turn out how I wanted. Nevermind though...
This is my poinsetta, I bought it a year ago and am pretty proud that I've kept it alive for a year, especially as its on my windowsill next to a radiator and there was a small incident where I forgot that when I went on holiday it wouldn't be watered. But now its leaves are starting to turn red again meaning that Christmas is on its way.
A payday present to myself. I don't often buy 'designer' makeup as I just tend to stick to the cheaper versions, but now I'm getting older I think I deserve it. :)

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