Thursday, 24 November 2011

YouTube Video Picks

YouTube is a wonderful thing I'm sure you're aware. So here's my run down of my favourite, most amusing and most moving clips I've been watching on YouTube this week.

Horse Dressage to Lil Kim

Probably my favourite. A Lil Kim track over the top of a dressage competition, pure genius.

Time and Creativity

A video from a creative agency about the effects of time on creativity. So children and drawing pictures isn't really the same as a creative agency full of adults making professional pitches, but generally I'd agree that the same principle applies. Hits the nail on the head.

Glee - Adele

Love Glee and love Adele so what's not to like about a combination of the two. Below, Glee's mash up of Rumour has it/Someone Like You. Fierce!

Bert and Ernie TomTom

Sesame Street has a wonderful YouTube presence, not only do they keep on top of uploading recent clips but their more vintage stuff and behind the scenes content rarely dissapoints.Here's Burt and Ernie (blatantly a couple) trying to record sat nav instructions.

 Flip Book

Heartwarming birthday gift from a boyfriend. I think I am getting soft in my old age :') Beautiful!


Another creative ad. And it wouldn't be a real viral video round-up unless I included some cats. Ninja Cat I love you.

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