Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas TV Picks

 One of my favourite things about Christmas is the tv. Although it requires military like planning to ensure everyone gets the opportunity to see what they want, that's half of the fun! Movies, tv specials and soap story lines are something of a highlight of the season so here's what I'm looking forward to most this year:

It's the final and I really hope Harry wins. Very glitzy and glamorous and complete escapism.

One of my favourites from the year is back on for Christmas. Excuse the poor Photoshop on the above image but it's from the ITV website.

A first in a series of three christmas specials Patsy and Eddie are back darling. And with a hilariously mean skit about the Kardashians on the way which I'm sure many will agree with this is definitely going to be another Christmas Day treat.

They're back. One of the most entertaining programmes of the year proves that they know how to celebrate Christmas. It's bigger and brighter it's a big fat gypsy Christmas.
The Christmas story lines have been built up to this climax for a good part of the year which is why Christmas soaps are another Christmas highlight. In Eastenders evil Dr Yusef wreak havoc whilst Pat is written out. Meanwhile in Corrie Tracy and Becky fight over Steve (I don't see it either?).

In terms of films you can also watch Harry Potter, a bit dark but still excellent, or Ratatouille, delightful!


  1. Oh my gosh I am so freaking excited for the new Ab Fab! :-)

  2. I know I loved the Christmas episode. Especially the bit about the Royal Wedding "Shaking her fat arse". I love Patsy! And I think there's a few more episodes to come!


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