Thursday, 15 December 2011

December Glossy Box

As promised in my previous post here is my summary of the December Glossy Box I acquired last week at the Clothes Show Live
So the box contained Nail Rock nail wraps, Philip Kingsley Hair Elasticizer, FC5 Ultra Hydrating hand cream, Dead Sea Spa Magik Shower Gel and Illamasqua 'Freak' East de Parfum Sample. As you can see from the above, it also contained the above discount codes, they seem to be unique codes but although I liked the box I've already signed up for the Feel Unique box so won't be using them myself. So feel free to use them yourself!
To start off with the good:

The Philip Kingsley Hair Elasticizer was my favourite from the box. Although the directions says to leave it on for about 20 minutes before you shampoo your hair I didn't really have time for all that so I ended up washing it out after about 2 minutes. But I still got a some results, I straightened my hair after and despite using my Frizz Ease 3 Days Straight (which doesn't really work but I still use because it protects from heat) I found that my hair stayed straighter than I would usually expect, especially in London's drizzly weather.

I also quite enjoyed the Illamasqua perfume sample as I tend to get a bit bored with perfume and often want a change. Although at first it's not a particularly feminine frangrance it has grown on me and lasts a lot letter than my normal Benefit perfume does.

The not so good:

Dead Sea Spa Magik Shower Gel
I was a bit disappointed to get a shower gel in the box, as I find it hard to get excited about a shower gel. It's not ground break at all, when you squirt it out it looks a bit like toothpaste and smells of nothing much, it's not particularly any better or worse than any other shower gel.

Again for the same reasons I'm also indifferent about the FC5 Ultra Hydrating hand cream. It's made a nice addition to my desk but I've never particularly suffered from dry hands so I'm not really much of a connoisseur of hand cream.

The Nail Rock Wraps I'm also cautious about, having a quick look at them they also seem a bit too wide for my nails. I know that cheaper nail wraps can look a bit dodgy but I'll reserve judgement on these until I've had a go myself.

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