Monday, 26 December 2011

Perfume Samples, Burberry, Illamasqua and Britney

 I've recently acquired these three perfume samples, now I don't know much about perfume but here are their descriptions:

One - Burberry Body, fruity composition that begins with notes of fresh green absinthe, peach and freesia. Roses and iris are in the heart, leaning on the base of sandalwood, cashmerean, musk, amber and vanilla.

Two - Britney Spears Cosmic Radiance, begins with strong and optimistic citruses, with a refreshing, glittery red bouquet opening its fragrant petals in the very heart of the composition. The base notes twinkle and add warmth with amber, soft vanilla and creamy sandalwood.

Three - Illamasqua Freak, The rich and daringly provocative opening notes of Black Davana cast a magical spell of desire across the senses to celebrate the night. The compelling burnt orange bloom base is highly prized the world over for its ability to enhance the wearer's natural perfume. The subtle mustiness of Poison Hemlock haunts the background tone of Freak, adding alluring depths of mystery.

Well we know who the award for the most flowery yet meaningless language in the description goes to. Does anyone understand this?

But to through my own opinion in my favourite of the three is a tie between Illamasqua Freak and Burberry Body. The former works best in small doses but does tend to last well throughout the day, whereas with Burberry you really get the best out of it when it's first on. Although if you had to take the bottle into account Burberry's design would definately win. Sleek and slender whereas Illamasqua is heavy and chunky and I don't really understand why it's got a corner cut off so it's tilted?

Britney Spears Cosmic Radiance however reminds me a bit of a men's shower gel or a deodorant product rather than a girly perfume, not what you want really.

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  1. Thanks for the comments :) Gutted about Douglas Booth being born in 1992 - but I think I can just about get away with it! haha. I'd love to try the Illamasqua scent but I'm never sure about Britney's scents.


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