Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Social Media and The Luxury Brand

Previously thought of an incompatible the luxury market is beginning to wake up to the benefits of  social media marketing.

With Burberry as its the social media and luxury brand relationship pioneer, after having just announced a massive increase in sales. (even despite the 'double dip' recession which always hits luxury brands hardest) The 29% increase in revenue is accredited to its digital campaigns. Burberry has now begin to dedicate 60% of its marketing spend on digital which is around three times more than other comparable brands.

You can now buy Burberry Body on Facebook
Where luxury brands are able to take advantage of social media perhaps more than others is the aspect of their customers wanting to share the news of their purchase with their friends, something which would not necessarily be true with less aspirational brands. As mobile social media connections are increasing so is the tendency to share experiences or in this case purchases.

'Sharing is Caring'

Above: You can share any message you like with your friends whilst also showing them the Ralph Lauren Rugby Product range.

It's no secret that what is displayed on most people's Facebook profiles is a carefully constructed representation of themselves and isn't necessarily particularly accurate. Have you ever seen someone share their weekly supermarket shop? No. But have you seen a friend brag about their designer presents from a boyfriend? Tiffany ring, Pandora bracelet or Mulberry bag? I know I have. And with an audience already keen to share, luxury brands should not be delaying in giving them the best vehicle in which to share their brand more so than their competitors.

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