Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

For those that don't know the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is an event held by Victoria's Secret womens underwear brand. As we don't have the brand over here in the UK it's easy to have missed how much of a big deal this has become but let me assure you, it is a big deal! (Subtle Friends quote)

According to Wikipedia "The show is a lavish event with elaborate costumed lingerie, varying music by leading entertainers, and set design according to the different themes running within the show. The show attracts hundreds of celebrities and entertainers, with special performers and acts every year."

The show is aimed primarily to sell underwear for the Christmas Season, and from watching it myself it's aimed at men asking them to buy underwear for their girlfriends. In a very obvious way the show is inter sliced with ads where the Angels themselves look directly into the camera, whilst rolling around on beds wearing lingerie saying, "Tell me you missed me, There's nothing like a gift from Victoria's Secret". Watch the ad below and you'll see what I mean...

Another one of the shows main attractions are The Angels themselves, called so as they traditionally wear wings, and very little else. They are also super models, and look impossibly attractive, full lips, big eyes, perfect complexions, very slim figures, incredibly long legs and large breasts for their frames.

So that basically sums up what the show is, but what I think makes it so special is the meaning behind it. The show is very American and sums up America in one big hour long, tv event. The show is a huge spectacular and the brand is forced down your throat. Celebrities are littered in the audience and the Angels are made out to be exactly that, beings from another planet, impossibly human Goddesses. But at the same time down to earth, likeable and fun, we are shown their personalities, and even old teenage photos of their 'Awkward phases'. They dance around to familiar pop hits from the year, the camaraderie between them is clear but we can also see that they are humble.

After having watched it you can easy see that there is more than enough grounds for criticism. The show has been branded pornographic and is most definately overtly sexual, as often some of the sheer outfits are subject to pixelation. Although no fines have been served to its producers on the grounds of decency the show is most certainly is a candidate for a penalty, with thousands of complaints received every year. As well as that the show itself is more of an hour long infomercial with the focus on the brand rather than the musical performances which, rather than holding their own, seem to be a distraction from the models.

See the show for yourself below:

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