Saturday, 17 December 2011

X Factor Rachel Crow

Something which caught my attention in the news recently was this clip from the US X factor of contestant Rachel Crow being eliminated from the show.

Moreso than the UK the US tends to have a bit more of an obsession with child stars. See controversial reality show Toddlers in Tiaras for a perfect example.

Watch the clip for yourself and you will be able to see the clip and why it caught my attention.

Rachel herself seems to stay quite composed until the very end where it is announced that she'd lost the public vote when she falls to the floor in tears.

She might not look it but Rachel Crow is only a 13 year old girl and was clearly very confident that she would not be eliminated until she's told otherwise by Steve.

I think if anything this shows that maybe 13 year olds, not matter how talented, aren't mature enough to be able to adequately cope with such dramatic and, for the contestants themselves, all encompassing reality shows.

Even Nicole Scherzinger seems unable to cope, and is in tears throughout. Although possibly more so about the negative public reaction she'll receive to technically voting out Rachel, than for any genuine concern she has for Rachel. Even so I now have my doubts whether Nicole is mature enough for the show.

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