Monday, 5 December 2011

YouTube Picks

YouTube Picks of the week 5th December 2011.

Firstly as I was away I missed the X Factor (Shock Horror!) But I didn't really fancying catching up on itv player because there's too many adverts. Luckily, ITV have cleverly uploaded all the nights performances to their YouTube account meaning I can just watch what I want and not have to sit through half an hour of ads. Excellent. Here's my favourite performances of the night..

Janet Devlin - Kiss Me
Basically one of my favourite songs anyway, so what's there not to love? I doubt she will but I hope Janet wins!

Another awesome song and a nice change for Misha.

Little Mix. I don't normally like these girls as they tend to come across a bit child-like and gimmicky. But I did really enjoy this performance. I saw all the tweets about it and after having watched it I agree that that all the praise is completely justified.

A great mash up from Glee. Although I've gone off the series a bit the songs can still hold their old, it's cleverly done and all a bit dramatic.

More of a viral video for this one, but definitely my favourite of the week. It's just instinct really for poor Fenton, but quite a shame for this owner!

Beauty and the Beast is another one of my favourite Disney films (I even wrote about it in my dissertation a few years ago) so I'm quite excited that its coming out in theatres in 3D. Completely a money making scam but I don't even care!

I love when celebrities go onto Sesame Street especially huge movie stars like Emma Stone. Today I learnt about balance :)

A bit of a blast from the past here but enjoyable none the less.

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