Wednesday, 28 December 2011

YouTube Picks

Again here are the videos that have been entertaining me recently on YouTube.

I love a good mashup and this contains all the pop songs from the year really, so what's there not to like?

A Christmas song from the Essex gang. I doubt any of them are really singing to their own voices but it's cheesy and fun.

Pretty amazing video, especially for the before and after pictures. No wonder it's got more than a million views. It still seems pretty unbelievable as no matter how much make up I put on a spot, particularly the nasty ones, it still pokes through. She's got a good few layers there of make up and primers etc but the results are quite amazing.

A combination of heart warming Christmas cheer and a few shirtless men. Excellent.

A good reddit find with this one. Tru dat! Although in the end the women are made to look pretty stupid for contradicting themselves. Highlight: Guy with sandwich.

Less than 30 seconds of an animal being cute. A definite viral hit.

A spin off on the popular twitter feed. And everything I try not to be! No I can't do you a favour and I don't know your password!

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