Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Favourite App: Where's my Water?

I was introduced to this by a colleague and since have become engrossed.

Called 'Where's My Water?' the aim of the game is to get the water into the pipe in order to give Swampy a shower.

Based on physics and gravity you must remove the dirt and avoid the obstacles so our little crocodile friend Swampy gets water for his shower.

There's so many levels to keep you entertained for ages and Swampy the crocodile is so adorable.

Developed by Disney the app is available from the App store here.

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  1. Oh no, not another game I'm going to get addicted to. I'm going to have to download this now :P thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. If only Kenny was a chubster because of eating turkey on Christmas day. I'm sure the cheese mum puts on his dog food doesn't help :P xx

  2. I played that game and I really love it...thanks a lot for sharing it to me..
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