Monday, 23 January 2012

Review: Charles Worthington Straightening Treatment

For Christmas I got the above Charles Worthington Straight and Smooth Hair Straightening kit. After trying it out here are my thoughts.

Firstly the product claims:
 "Get gorgeously straight, smooth and more manageable hair with natural bounce for up to 40 days. Completely safe and easy to apply in just 25 minutes, this patent-pending breakthrough treatment uses Cysteamine, a gentle and effective straightening active that re-programmes your hair memory and tames frizz.  It’s 100% free from formaldehyde and ammonia.  Get the ultra-glamorous results of a professional salon straightening treatment, all from the comfort of your home."
The whole process is very simple, and similar to an at home hair dye kit. After washing your hair with shampoo only, you put the product in your hair for 20 minutes, wash out, put on another product but only for five minutes this time, blow dry, and your done.

Here is a video of Charles himself explaining it:

Whilst there are some minor rules you have to remember whilst applying the chemicals, keep the gloves on, comb your hair throughout to keep it straight and smooth, don't let the chemicals touch any fabrics, or your scalp, the process is overall quite simple. However for the next 48 hours you can't tie your hair up or wash it, not a problem for me as I wasn't planning to anyway but for some this would be a problem.

After rinsing out the product, blow drying my hair straight and straightening my hair, yes it was obviously straight.

However after my next wash using the conditioner from the pack I wouldn't have said my hair was straight. I would say my hair formed a very similar curl to how it usually would when I naturally left it to air dry. (blow drying it straight would have been cheating right?)

So as you can see the frizz has been tamed quite a bit after the next wash since applying the product. Most importantly though it does feel a lot softer and smoother than usual and the curls do seem more defined.

All in all I wouldn't purchase the product again as it didn't keep to it's promise of straightening my hair which for 20 hard earned British pounds I don't think is worth it. Although it didmake my hair feel sleeker and smoother but I am dubious that it will last for the 40 days promised.

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  1. Was v tempted to try this out when it appeared. Thanks for the review and photos, it looks like a lot of hard work! Would be interested to hear about the other items in this range :)

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    2. Thanks for reading Catherine. They have a repair one as well which sounds good!

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