Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Review: The Iron Lady

It's been a while since I've blogged about a film, mainly because there hasn't been a film I've felt particularly strong enough about to want to write about it. However recently I saw The Iron Lady...

The Iron Lady is the story of ex British Prime Minister during the 80s, Margaret Thatcher. The film is told in flashbacks from her life in the present day as she deals with dementia looking back to her youth and the time leading up to her election and job as Prime Minister.

Played by Meryl Streep the film does primarily focus on the disparity between her tough, quick witted and intelligent former self to the older, weaker and lonely woman she now finds herself transformed into. Featuring a lot of her grief for her husband, I would sum up the plot as sad rather than celebratory or inspirational lingering on what is lost rather than what was found in Thatcher's life.

What I did enjoy however was the acting of Meryl Streep, Jim Broadbent and one of my favourite actresses Olivia Colman as daughter Carol.

Succeeding at the box office as the number one opener taking in £2.1 million the film is soon out in the US where we will have to see whether the audience will take to the story despite not being necessarily able to relate to the historical, social, cultural and economical times integral to the plot.

Despite this comparisons can be drawn to other English exports foreign to the US which have nevertheless enjoyed success. For example The Kings Speech and Downton Abbey, whilst entrenched with British culture they are linked to a time pre-dating the audience's lifetime, whereas Thatcher's time as PM is an all too clear memory for a portion of the British audience.

I predict Oscar nominations although not a worldwide level of success for this film to rival The Kings Speech

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