Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday Nails : Matte Black

Here's my nails for the week. I used Rimmel 080 Black Cab and Rimmel Matte Finish with a guide over the tips so they stayed shiny.
It was all going so well until I finished the last one and had the thought that it had gone well then I completely ruined the thumb. Oh well.

What do you think? I think my hands look pretty wrinkly!

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  1. This matte-glossy combo with any colour really is defo my fave from all nail art out there, so classy n unique:-) xx

  2. really cute! definitely want to get a matte black varnish. x

  3. Thanks, Although I think the matte is starting to fade now, or maybe it's just the light. Think I'll go for something a bit more colourful next. :)

  4. love matte nails, dont worry everyone hands are wrinkly! xx

  5. Ha ha! I think the cold weather is making mine shrivel! x


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