Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Book Review: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Recently for work I read this book (as the film is coming out soon we needed to think of some ideas) although I do normally go through phases of reading on the train and then phases of just listening to music this is really the first book I felt strongly enough about to review. Maybe if I read something again I will do a little review here but at the moment I'm on a series of books which although I'm enjoying, don't really warrant a review.

To summarize the plot the Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith is a re-imagining of American President Abraham Lincoln as a secret vampire hunter (think Buffy but not a teenage blonde school girl, a president instead)

The structure is odd, as it is written by a modern man as a historical summary of these diaries Lincoln kept throughout his life. Therefore it contains small footnotes and summaries of events written by the modern day author, mixed in with first person extracts from Lincoln himself through his diaries.

As a kind of biography the story takes you from Lincoln's child hood, adolescence, first loves, travel, career to fatherhood, presidency and eventually assassination.

What I found most interesting from the point of view of a Brit who has never formally learnt about the civil war and civil rights movement was the descriptions of these events which is something I was somewhat naive about before.

It seems to me that the book is really trying to please everyone, dabbbling in history, modernity, love, family, politics, economics, friendship, war, gore, fantasy, reality and both the supernatural and the natural. Whilst it covers off all these points, some being emphasised more than others, I would say it never really focuses on one with Lincoln occasionally giving up vampire hunting altogether to focus on either family or work, then again being drawn back into his secret world of vampires.

Whilst I rarely found myself bored with the story which manages to surprise you regularly, although it did drag towards the end, it does focus a lot on death and loss. With Lincoln himself filled with angst, a theme which I would say does become rather tiresome towards the end.

Not personally ever having read a vampire based book, or even watched a vampire based tv programme before as I've never really seen the appeal or the current pre occupation with stories about vampires. This means I have little to compare this to, however all in all I did enjoy the story, taking a different twist on events we're all acutely aware of.

Personally I wouldn't say this isn't a 'girly' book, it deals more with gore and bloody murder than it does with family and love so if you're into 'chick lit' then this really isn't for you. But as I have eclectic tastes I would recommend this to anyone who isn't too fussy about what they read and wants to try something different.

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