Thursday, 23 February 2012

Obama and Social Media

Inspired by this video of President Obama summing up his campaign so far and it's use of social media. The video takes a humorous look at the President's last five years including some viral moments.

What's unique about Obama is his use of social media. Each popular social network is used by Obama in an attempt to connect to the powerful younger voters who may feel less connected to older candidates. Using this technique Obama successfully won the election five years ago with 66% percent of his voters ages under 29. But rather than just using this to win the election, then forgetting about it, his social media presence is maintained regularly keeping his followers aware of what he's currently pioneering.

However as other politicians have begun to awaken to this powerful demographic to win a second term Obama will need an even more comprehensive social media policy to keep his previous voters loyal to him. This is made even more difficult with the under 29s being notoriously inconsistent.

Will the President's recent addition of Tumblr, Flickr, Four Square and Google Plus to his social media portfolio be enough to win the next election? Only time will tell...

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