Saturday, 25 February 2012

Oscar Predictions

The Oscars are this weekend and here I have decided to publish my list of predictions. There's a work prize pool resting on this so let's hope my predictions are right.

The 84th Academy Awards are being held on Sunday 26th February 2012 in Los Angeles. And when set with the task of making my predictions I started logically looking at the most nominated films. This years these are Martin Scorsese's Hugo and Michel Hazanavicicus's The Artist with 11 and 10 mentions each.

Focusing on the top awards here are my predictions for The Oscars 2012.

Starting with the biggest award Best Picture:

Best Director:

Best Actor:

Best Actress:

Supporting Actor/Actress:

As you can see I've gone mainly for The Artist which is really expected to be the big winner of the night. I'd love to see actresses from The Help win as well as it's not often that a female led film will be nominated so much in an award ceremony like this. As well as this in the more technical qualities such as editing and cinematography I went for Hugo.

What I found most difficult though was picking the films I thought were going to win rather than going with my heart and picking films which I personally thought deserved to win. For example in the Best Art Direction and Make Up categories I really wanted to put down Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts 2, however as the franchise is on it's 8th film with no Oscar win so far, upsettingly, I wouldn't say it's again not likely to receive a nod this year.

Let's hope my predictions turn out to be correct. Hope you all enjoy the show!

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