Thursday, 2 February 2012

Sherlock Series 2

Following on from my previous post in praise of about Sherlock series one. I was eagerly anticipating the next installment to the story and the follow up from the cliff hanger we were left on from the last series.

However after having slowly caught up on the next series I would have to say that I am slightly dissapointed in that the second series hasn't lived up to my hopes.

We got off on the wrong foot with the first episode where I took a strong disliking to Irene Adler. When a programme has so few female characters must the only woman with the intelligence to rival Sherlock's be a glorified prostitute? Why couldn't she have been an entrepreneurial woman selling something other than her own body? And her constant references to 'I know what he likes' were the only reason she could get any service.She was also arrogant and I didn't really 'get' the premise that she wasn't selling the photos for money only using them as protection.

Suspending my disbelief I enjoyed the next episodes. The Hound of the Baskerville was entertaining and enthralling. Saying this what I didn't enjoy the elements of fantasy reminiscent of Steven Moffat's Doctor Who (a programme I cannot stand, but that's a whole different blog post) with the secret government animal testing lab and the implausible manufacture of impossible hallucination invoking drugs.

The third episode got off to a good start with the shocking revelation that Sherlock may have made up Moriarty, who is in fact a paid actor. Then when Sherlock jumped off the building revealing his bleeding corpse to partner and best friend Doctor Watson, this was heartbreaking. Despite this I do find the revelation that he hadn't in fact died to be deliberately misleading, if a character doesn't die their suicide and corpse probably shouldn't be explicitly shown in order to keep some sense of reality, something I do think this series lacked more than the previous. It makes it seem like in the next series Watson will wake up and it was all a Dallas style dream.

Since then the theories of how Sherlock carried out such a feat have been numerous. To add in my two cents I think that Irene Adler helped him carry this out using the same 'I know what he likes' contacts she used to fake her own death and to pay Sherlock back for him saving her life at the end of the first episode.

There were some things I did enjoy about the series though. The relationship between Watson, Sherlock and even Mrs Hudson is acting out beautifully and the programme is shot excellently. Bring on the next series.

And finally... Brace yourselves for a rather saucy gif...

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  1. I'm an absolute Sherlock Holmes addict, this series was amazing! Love your blog!
    Em xxx


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