Wednesday, 14 March 2012


I recently made my first purchase from ELF. Mainly hoping to try and get myself a bit of a bargain. I got my hands on two brushes, brush cleaner and a shimmering facial whip.

So first here's the brushes. The stipple brush I was hoping for a bit more with, when it arrived it was unfortunately quite flattened and maybe I'm not getting the technique right but I have noticed that I'm using a lot more make up than I usually would. And it did first arrive white but unfortunately after the one week I've had it despite cleaning it it's stained to the colour of my makeup.

The eyeliner brush I'm very pleased with though. It makes it so much easier to apply a very thin line to your eye without your lashes getting in the way.

Next is the brush cleaner. I've seen some review this negatively however I don't agree. On the back it claims to disinfect the brush and keep your brushes lasting longer. Although some say the smell is that of a cleaner I quite like it, after it's left over night the brush feels nice and soft on your face and smells light and clean. Of course there's no real way for me to tell if it does really disinfect brushes so I'm just going to take their word for it.

The shimmering facial whip is what I'm most pleased with though. For only £1.50 is lasts the majority of the day and creates a nice highlighting dewy shimmer to the top of my cheek bones under my eyebrows. The shade I (think) I have is Pink Lemonade. It claims to have vitamin B, C and E to brighten your shin without leaving it greasy which I think I'd agree with. Below you can see it compared with Benefit's high beam and it's practically indistinguishable.

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  1. Great review! Unlike you I'm not too fond of the brush cleaner smell but it's cheap so I don't mind. I like applying my eyeliner with those kind of brushes too - it's so easy to not mess eyeliner up! Great blog! :)


    1. Thanks Jane. Yep it gets the job done, I want to try the shampoo next.


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