Friday, 2 March 2012

Favourite Song: Chris Brown Feat. Rihanna

A bit of a controversial one for my latest favourie song. Turn Up The Music by Chris Brown featuring Rihanna. It's an odd reconciliation for the couple who were infamously involved in a domestic violence case a few years ago where Rihanna was, as stated in the police report, nearly killed by her then boyfriend Chris Brown. Who she resultantly issued a restraining order to.

Personally I don't like Chris Brown, he is well known to have angry outbursts and has never been apologetic about any of his actions.

Of course this isn't something I'm really in a position to knowledgeably comment on, however looking at the song separately from the controversy surrounding it it is a good tune.

What do you think. Would you boycott a song you like because you didn't like the artist?

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