Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hunger Games Film Review

I saw The Hunger Games film earlier this week and thought after reviewing the book earlier and uploading my infographic on the film I should also put down my thoughts on the film adaptation as well.

Firstly what struck me most was the fast pace of the film compared to the book. You didn't really get as much of a feel for the loneliness that Katniss must have been feeling in the arena hunting alone for days and days, sometimes not even seeing another tribute. And also one the train from District 12 to the Capitol, the days in the Capitol of training and in the cave with Peeta. All these events seemed to pass by in moments. Although I can't be too harsh with my criticism of this as immediacy is expected in film whilst it is not in literature.

Something which I did think the film thought conveyed well was making Katniss seem likable and letting the viewer see the different emotions she must have been feeling throughout. The scenes of Rue's death were especially emotive as was the cave scene with Peeta. The beginning of the games also showed the intensity of the situation well when Katniss was being elevated into the arena.

I thought Lenny Kravitz played Cinna particularly well as did Stanley Tucci as Caesar but Jennifer Lawrence as  Katniss really stood out. I found it refreshing to see a female protagonist who was, and had the body of a physically strong woman taking the leading role. As well as this she demonstrated her intelligence and bravery just as well as her physical strength.

Especially at the beginning I found the direction quite odd. Throughout the introduction of District 12, Katniss's home, and the reaping the camera refused to show one straight, smooth shot. This probably showed the confusion and fear of the time but I just found it difficult to get on with.

To try and dismiss comparisons to Twilight the love triangle is diminished and all three participants seem particularly chaste which again I found refreshing in a teen movie.

One last comment is that whilst I appreciate the film needed a 12A rating I think it really could have done with more violence to show the harsh realities of The Hunger Games and The Reaping.

Whilst I am now onto reading the third book in the series and have found them to progressively diminish in quality, I am hopeful that the film adaptations will not do the same.

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