Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My Pinterest

You may have noticed recently that I added a little Pinterest icon to my side bar on the right. I actually signed up to Pinterest a while ago patiently waiting in my place on the waiting list. When this did finally come through I liked a few images and after that wasn't really taken by the idea of it.

I found the majority of the images didn't really relate to what I wanted to see, dresses and cakes were fair game but I found the site very 'Yummy Mummy' and Americanized. The images of babies, ways to entertain the kids, storage solutions for the home and other soft furnishing were honestly a bore and turned me off from the channel. I'd decided that I much preferred Tumblr which allowed me to choose my own blogs to follow meaning that images I didn't want to see of babies and wedding centre pieces rarely confronted me.

However more recently I've been giving Pinterest another go. I make sure to only follow boards that I'm interested in and when I do look at the most popular pins I'm not assaulted with a page full of new born babies, definitely not my thing!

While I would say Pinterest appeals a lot more to women than men, when I look through the categories it seems to me the majority are targeted at women rather than to men.

But it's undeniable that Pinterest is taking off at the moment. The statistics on the click throughs and it's ability to drive traffic are very impressive. Brands are also starting to take notice of Pinterest to sell their products and BA has even attempted to launch a competition through the platform.

Only time will tell about the longevity of this service however whilst it's popular brands will be missing a trick if they don't begin to build up their presence.

You can follow me here. And below are some of my favourite pins:

Do you have a Pinterest? If so send me your link because I need some new people to follow.

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