Monday, 9 April 2012

Favourite New Social Media

It's been a while since I've posted one of these but I like to be selective and wait until a few bits come out that I think are really cool, rather than posting about anything that is recent and kind-of-cool here is a round up of social media apps which I think are pretty fun:

Pleasure Hunt 2 - Magnum

As a follow up to the first pleasure hunt Magnum have created it's sequel. Something which doesn't really happen very often! This time in partnership with Microsoft and Bing the pleasure hunt takes you all around the globe/internet. It's also been elongated since the last version and is generally more slick.

Created by

Something a bit more cheeky here. Condom adverts have also been some of the most creative and amusing than normal products (where's the fun in tea bags?) And the Design a Durex Box campaign is no exception using various tools you can express your creativity and submit your design into the competition.

Created by a very good agency - Less Rain

A simple cute game from Tic Tac here, based on the ubiquitous angry birds. Simple and quick

Created by Soap Creative

Has anyone else seen anything fun they like? Comment and let me know.

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