Thursday, 12 April 2012

Geordie Shore Series 2

As the last episode of Geordie Shore which I had been keeping up with religiously finished last week and my last post about the programme has done pretty well, it is time yet again for another round up on my thoughts of the series as a whole.

First of all as the series begins things have really changed since we last met the characters:

  • Vicky and Jay are no longer in any kind of a relationship,
  • Vicky's got a new boyfriend,
  • Sophie also has a boyfriend,
  • Greg isn't in the show anymore,
  • James pulls!
  • New characters Ricci and Rebecca (below) are introduced

Ricci and Rebecca are really just two more Geordie Shore moulds have bring nothing in terms of originality to the cast, just the same drama we've seen before.

Again since the last series two of my favourite the characters I least dislike are Charlotte and Vicky. Although Charlotte does dissapoint again by pulling her old tricks of getting with Gary, and then being upset when he pulls someone else hours later. Vicky is no angel either cheating on her loving boyfriend with Ricci, although she is always the first to admit her behaviour here is unacceptable. Again the boys haven't seem to have changed at all and are really only concerned with themselves and pulling women.

The divide between the boys and the girls reigns as strong as ever with only small moments of peace where Gary and Charlotte are at it and when the girls briefly form a friendship with James. However other than these small periods of respite the arguments, drinking, sex, and in this series, violence, we've come to associate with the Geordie Shore are ever present.

Some of my favourite and most memorable moments include:
  • James pulling a worldy (no idea)
  • Vicky and Ricci sharing a tender moment over a kebab
  • Vicky dumping her boyfriend (Daniel)
  • Ricci getting drunk and upsetting everyone
  • Ricci asking Vicky if she minds him going to see strippers and then getting immediately dumped.
  • Rebecca constantly complaining
In summary this quote best describes my feelings towards Geordie Shore:
"Love it or hate it, Geordie Shore is irresistibly compelling TV, and the success of the series truly underscores MTV’s ability to create buzz and engage with young ‘millennial’ audiences everywhere.”

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  1. I love that GIF of Rebecca! Her face is as expressive as a cartoon character. I am obsessed with Geordie Shore.

    1. Thanks for reading. I love the way Vicky always says exactly what she feels!

  2. i lovvvv ricci and vicky hope they stay sound :-) ayeeee

    1. Thanks for reading. Series 3 post will be coming soon...


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