Wednesday, 25 April 2012

McFly: Up Close and Personal Tour

 Last night I went to see the latest McFly tour, Up Close and Personal at the Hammersmith Apollo and after having been to the majority of their tour's so far I would say that it must have been one of my favourites.

They pleased the crowd with songs both old and new and a nice little medley of pop songs from Danny including Busted, One Direction, Whitney Houston and Rhianna as well as classics such as Obviously and 5 Colours in her Hair.

They also played some lesser known tracks which really were my favourite of the night including Broccoli, the last track on their debut album, Room of the Third Floor, released in 2004 (8 years ago!) and No Worries a B-side from their single I'll be OK from the Wonderland (my fav) album.

Dougie also notably played more of a part in this tour then ever before, taking the main role in all crowd conversations off of the back of his recent win in the Jungle.

They also played two new songs Red which I didn't enjoy too much and Touch The Rain which I thought was better. It's also been announced that Red will be their next single and Tom also announced they will begin recording their sixth album in June. 

I found the tour to be true to it's name and a lot more personal than previous arena tours I've been to and was a great night.

We also saw Mark and Arg from the only way is Essex taking their seats in the circle which was nice. :)

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