Monday, 23 April 2012

Sleek Face Contour Kit

 The Sleek face Contour Kit is a palette of a bronzer and highlighter designed to contour and define your face by emphasising the shadowed areas and highlighting the areas you want to catch the light.

The kit contains two powders and is available in three shades, light medium and dark. The shade I have is light and is great for my pale skin as it doesn't come out to orange and is nice and subtle.

You can use the kit on your whole face but I tend to stick with it on my cheeks to define them a bit more and a bit of highlighter on my nose.

What's useful is that it comes with a little paper guide showing you exactly the areas on your face you can use it. Although I never really knew about contouring before I think it gives your make up a very polished and profession look that still subtle.

All in all I think it's a great product, it blends really easily and is good value for the £6.50 it costs from Superdrug. It's also really handy because the pack has a mirror it in for reapplying when you're out.

Does anyone else have this and what do you think?

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  1. Whenever I go to Superdrug this product is always out of stock. I would love it as you mention is suitable for pale skin. x

    1. Thanks for reading Angelica. When I bought it it was the last left I think and I had to go to a few different branches. I find that with a lot of the Superdrug stuff. It must be popular then!

  2. oh, this looks gorgeous! kind of reminds me of elf's bronzer-blush duo, one of my favs! thanks for stopping by my blog, following you now :)

    1. Thanks for reading Ashley. I really want to try the Too Faced version they have as well, which is basically the same thing.


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