Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Tangle Teezer

Time for a quick review of something I bought not so recently. My Tangle Teezer. A lot of people hail it as a god send and although I think it's good I wouldn't call it a miracle product.

For me I think it did make my hair cut last quite a bit longer and I can really feel the difference when brushing my hair, especially when wet. As before when it was getting to the time when my hair needed a cut I would be pulling the brush through my wet hair this makes it so much easier. And I noticed that my last hair cut lasted around 3 months before I needed another trip to the hair dressers where normally it would only make one and a half.

So really it has done well and I would definately recommend it to anyone who is trying to grow their hair as the damage you do it when wet it significantly reduced.

Although I do normally find that the shape of the brush which was probably agonised over when it was designed to be as ergonomically friendly as possible, doesn't really work for me. It tends to fall out of my hands t least ever other time I use it which does get a bit frustrating.

In terms of price I paid around £12/13 which is pretty standard for it which is quite reasonable.

What does everyone else think of their Tangle Teezers? Over-rated or a god send?

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