Sunday, 13 May 2012

Britain's Got Talent Final: My favourite performances

I think I've been neglecting the TV label of my blog recently because really I still do love a bit of telly! And some of my older posts about TV shows have gone on to be some of my most popular. So here is my rundown of my favourite BGT performances from the final last night.

Overall I thought the standard was very high however I was dissapointed that none of my personal favourites mades it to the end or to the final 2. But hopefully they will all be able to move forward using their talents rather than wasting them in their meaningless day jobs as they did before.

My high lights are below...

Sam Kelly


Molly Rainford

Loveable Rogues

Ryan O'Shaughnessy


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  1. the talent in the final was outstanding this year, i wanted all of them to win. Sam Kelly is definitely my favourite though. I hope some one signs him up quick so I can download his recorded version of bless this broken road, prefer it to the original!

    1. Thanks for reading Lowri. Yep I hope all of the ones that were my favourite go on to do big things. I did like Pudsy and it was a good act but these guys were my favourite.

      I forgot to put in the synchronised swimmers, I need to add them in now! Their act looked incredibly difficult!


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