Saturday, 19 May 2012

Favourite Mad Men Looks Ep 8

Favourite look of the week, although she was barely in the episode, Joan.
A bit of a new post, but after watching the whole of the other 4 seasons in a very short space of time I am now predictably hooked on the latest season five.

What I like most are the 1950/60s fashion of all the female, and sometimes sometime some of the male, cast members.

I'll try and keep this up for next week but here are my favourite outfits of the week and some of my favourite moments from the episode. A lot of muted brown tones this week, probably an effect of the dreary daily life at Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price. Even Megan didn't wear anything particularly notable.

Above, my favourite, is Joan. She's barely in the episode but her make up and dress are gorgeous. She shows herself to be the go-to person in the office when Don asks about what to do about Megan's leaving do.

Pete's encounter with Beth. Very attractive wife of Pete's commuter friend who does seem a tiny bit cray cray. Pete predictably falls for her but she's not interested. Love her blouse and pearls and her very retro mantle piece.

Peggy's Pussy Bow blouse and dress. I love Peggy in this episode, spending most of her time pissed off but plowing through her work as usual.

My favourite look from Peggy. I love her relationship with Don in this scene, she calls him out and tells him he's half-assed. Love the little gradient on her dress and how she really tries through the whole pitch, when being forced to pick up Megan's work.

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