Saturday, 26 May 2012

Yalla Yalla

Here's some pictures from my and my friend's latest dinner club. We went to Yalla Yalla in Soho this time and it was an excellent feed. We were lucky enough to get a table without waiting because it's so small there's only around five or six tables and they don't do reservations.

Yalla Yalla specialise in Bierut street feed which is basically hummus and stuff so us three hummus hunters were right at home!

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All in all the food was excellent with even the salad being polished off. The meat was gorgeous and who doesn't like a bit of hummus and pitta bread? The Sfiha wasn't particularly my favourite because it was sticky and sweet which I didn't think went very well with the rest of the food.

Below is a little map to the branch we went to but if you go the website there's a few other restaurants around central London which you might have better luck getting a table in because this one is tiny.
Map to Yalla Yalla

Us feeling satisfied after dinner.
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