Monday, 23 July 2012

Get The Look : Kim Kardashian

I'm not sure how old this photo is but Kim is sticking to her tried and test combination of a tight fitting dress and killer platform heels and as to be expected it's a Hervé dress and some LooBoo heels.

I especially love her bangles here by Rachel Galley. Read more to see some more of my favourite Rachel Gallery jewellery.

Although Kim's wardrobe is really high end I rarely see her vary it up at all. Sticking with tight dresses, platform heels, long wavy hair and chiseled out cheeks?

Although I do think Kim Kardashian's figure is some kind of wizardry I'm yet to fully understand, and her marriage to Kris was quite cringe worthy you can't deny that she seems to really know what she's doing - although ask her and I'm not confident she'll be able to explain it. Love her or hate her the latest season on Keeping Up With The Kardashians has me hooked. 

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