Thursday, 5 July 2012

Justin Bieber : Believe

Believe is Justin Bieber's fourth album. Released earlier in the year the album was highly anticipated as it was hyped to show a marked departure from his earlier albums and feature a new more grown up sound.

Unsurprisingly the album has been commercially successful with the years biggest debut and of course a number one in the charts.

Although we were expecting a new direction with this album songs such as 'Catching Feelings' and 'Die in Your Arms' could be easily placed on his debut album. However collaborations with Drake and Nicki Minaj hail back to his mentor Usher while other songs take a more dance inspired direction. All in all the album successfully pleases everyone safely catering for all tastes.

Bieber also nods to the majority of world famous super stars, possibly hinting at where he sees his career going in the future as he continues to age. Maria nods to Michael Jackson's Billie Jean in it's paternity scandal subject matter, BeyoncĂ© in the lyrics "You can be my Destiny's Child", a sampling of the Jackson 5 in Die in Your Arms, Prince in the lyrics "We all party like its 3012 tonight and a nod to his predecessing teen hear throb colleague Justin Timber like in Take You with the lyrics "Hey Senorita ... be my little lady".

Something else which strikes me as odd is Justin's well publicised desire to be taken seriously as an adult recording artist however in whole album is firmly rated as PG. Drake tells us he wants to kiss and hug whilst getting to know you, Nicki Minaj keeps her solo verse strictly about the beat and Ludacris just loves everything about you. A very obviously calculated muted sentiment from all three to cater for the ever loyal  tween Beliebers audience.

Maybe it will have to be the fourth album when Justin will be really able to grow up.

Favourite Tracks:
Beauty and a Beat (feat. Nicki Minaj)
Die in Your Arms

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