Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Beauty : Fav 3

1. Victoria's Secret Secret Charm Fragrance Mist

Something I bought when at the airport recently. It smells very pretty and flowery. Although the scent doesn't last all day it is really fun to spritz it in the air and leap through it! The bottle is really big as well too so will be lasting me a long time.

Looking forward to trying out some of the other fragrances VS have.

2. Nails Inc Top Coat and Base Duo

The Base coat has really helped repair a toe nail that I'd left some polish on for too long and got a bit damaged and the top coat really leaves my nails touch dry in two minutes - taking the pain out of waiting for them to dry. The bottle could be bigger because I'm not sure how long these will last.

3. Body Shop Shea Beautifying Oil

It soaks in my skin really quickly leaving it nice and soft and not greasy. It's got not too much of a powerful scent too which makes a change from really flowery or sweet smelling bits as it's kind of nutty smelling - which is hard to describe.

You can use it in your hair too but I'm a bit too scared - it feels strange to use the same thing on your skin as well as your hair!

Anyone else tried any of these before?

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  1. The Body Shop beautifying oil sounds so lovely - I'm always scared of putting anything that says oil onto my skin for fear of it not soaking in!! Did you find that it soaked in okay? I'm really in need of something to moisturise my skin better, but I'm useless because I hate things that I can still feel on the top of my skin, like a layer of something!! x

    1. Hey Hannah,

      Yes it does soak in but maybe not right away, normally by the time I'm finished the bits I moisturized first have just soaked in. I don't put a lot on but maybe if you were more generous it would take longer and feel a bit more like a film ontop of your skin, just don't go overboard and it's lovely!


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