Monday, 24 September 2012

Beauty : Top 3

Another favourite three from me.

1.) Dior Addict Perfume

To be perfectly honest I was really swayed by the advert to get this - which is completely ridiculous as the ad has nothing to do with that the perfume actually smells like. But it has a gorgeous model (Daphne Groenveld) wandering around Parisian streets frankly having an excellent time.

Turns out the perfumes doesn't smell too bad either. Look she's got a kitten on her head. Such fun!

2.) Twist and Old Nail Polish Remover

A cheaper alternative to the Bourjois version which I like too. It doesn't smell as good but it's only 79p (I think?) and my Bourjois one was a bit dry the last time I tried to use it. This version from Savers does the job just the same.

3.) Sephora Smoothing Primer

I got this when I went away to Barcelona as there are no Sephoras here in London. It's a clear gel and I wear it under my makeup everyday to keep it in place even through out a post work gym session. It's not magic and after I've been to the gym my face has worn off some what but thanks to this there is some evidence that it was there in the first place.

It sinks into my skin really quickly and lets my foundation go on really smoothly afterwards. Rather than mattifying I think it leaves it with a nice glow but when I put my makeup on top it's completely matte.

Unfortunately I can't remember exactly how much it was I think it was around €13 which is certainly not bad at all!

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  1. The Sephora primer sounds lovely, I'm still on the lookout for my perfect primer!

    Jesss xo

    1. Thanks for reading Jess. It's a shame they don't have any Sephoras over here!


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