Thursday, 18 October 2012

Breaking Bad: Top 6 Moments

For the last few months I've become enthralled by Breaking Bad and I have now caught up with the whole 5 seasons and am eagerly awaiting the other half of the fifth season to air next year.

The programme follows Walton White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aron Paul) who form a friendship after Walt is diagnosed with in operable lung cancer and decides the best way to provide for his family after his inevitable early death is to begin manufacturing and distributing methamphetamine - Crystal Meth. 

Over the five seasons the pair find themselves thrown together in escalatingly dangerous, terrifying and anxiety inducing situations become a powerful force in the methamphetamine business of New Mexico.

Critically acclaimed and having gained a loyal audience the five seasons have shown real endearing character progression whilst throwing out constant surprises and enthralling cliff hanger moments.

Below are my top five shocking moments across all five seasons. Enjoy! (Watch out before you scroll down it get's gory!)

6.) Jane's Death
5.) Stuck in Desert
4.) Walt's millions
3.) Lily of the Valley
2.) Spider Boy
1.) The Salamander Brothers and Hank

Do you watch Breaking Bad. What's your favourite moment?

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