Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Review

The Perks of Being a Wallflower tells the story of Charlie, who starts high school as a new student. Having no friends and being somewhat of a social recluse; Charlie eventually befriends Patrick and his step sister Sam. They go to a party together and Sam gradually becomes integrated into their friendship group.

It's clear from the outset that Sam is not just shy he is suffering from real emotional problems alluded to have originated from an incident in his childhood.

Sam and his new found friends continue to grow closer and closer. Patrick and the group are well known throughout the school as being a group of friends with unique, unconventional and flamboyant tastes.

A series of events and dramas unfold within the group, Charlie reveals to his new friends that his best friend killed himself leaving him depressed, Sam reveals she was abused by her father's boss, Patrick is found out to be hiding a serious relationship with the school's football star against his father's wishes, Sam gets an older college boyfriend who doesn't treat her well, Charlie accidentally enters into a relationship with Mary-Jane whilst falling in love with Sam. And to top it off the whole crew performs a rendition of the Rocky Horror Show!

The group of friends are a few years ahead of Charlie in school and leave for their separate colleges in the new year. Before this Sam and Charlie realize their feelings for each other and spend the night together.

The next day Sam leaves for college as do the rest of Charlie's friends leaving him bereft and lonely. He regresses back to his former depression only this time it is much more intense. In his state he remembers a repressed memory that his Aunt abused him as a child right before she was killed in a car accident. Charlie is admitted to the hospital and his friends are informed of his illness, coming quickly to visit and comfort him.

The film is certainly emotional and dramatic - there are some moments of humour albeit dark but all in all the story is heart wrenching, deep and very serious. The cast are also all fantastic in their roles.

One thing I noticed which it seems is becoming a bit of a trend in both film and tv. Set in the early nineties, which I only realised when googling afterwards and had me stumped during the film, there are no mobile phones, Facebook, Tweets or Googling, something which I'm starting to see as a trend. I guess modern day romance is just not suited to the big screen, Prince Charming wouldn't have sent regrettable drunken text messages to Cinderella and it just doesn't make a good love story on screen.

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