Friday, 2 November 2012

Fav 3

Here's three of my favs I've been enjoying recently.

1.Beauty Blender

Well not a realy beauty blender the Ebay version. It only cost £2 or £3 I think and it does a quick job of blending in my make up - especially under the eyes. I tried it a few times to blend in my foundation but my brush just does such a quicker job. But I'd definitely recommend it for your under eyes - the small corner can get the job done in seconds so I can scoot out the door!

2. Sephora Concealer Palette

A few months old now I got this from Sephora in Barcelona, it's another good one for under your eyes and really lightens the dark areas underneath it - I use the light purple colour for this and like to extend it out to highlight the triangle area in between the bottom of the nose and outer corner of your eyes. The green is good for red areas but I don't find myself using the other two flesh colours very much.

3. Dior Addict

It's a perfume - I like the way it smells... I'm not very good at describing perfumes though... It's flowery...

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  1. Cool post:) Bath Melt giveaway this week!

  2. cute beauty blender, i want one!
    I like your blog!
    Check out mine sometime if you want :))

  3. I love Dior perfume! Amazing!

    Welcome to my blog

  4. OOh I need to try one of theose sponges! They sound fab! xx

  5. Hmmm...great choices! I have also used that pink sponge and I so love it. I will be repurchasing it for sure.

    1. Thanks Emie. It makes blending everything in so much quicker!


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