Monday, 31 December 2012

Most Popular Posts of 2012

Although my blog is definitely not one of the most fasted growing I still wanted to do a quick run down of my most commented posts of 2012 to round off my year of blogging.

Here they are:

1. Pink Glitter - A pretty in pink nail.

2. Gradient nails V2 - If at first you don't succeed.

3. Four Fall Favs - A lovely Autumnal post

4.  Fav 3 - Three lovely little products I enjoyed.

5. YSL shocking mascara - My favourite mascara of the year.

Happy New Year everyone. Looking forward to carrying on bloggin in 2013. :)


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  1. Your 4 for fall posts lists all me favourite things about the change of the seasons - although it's not really been cold in UK just damp and miserable :( I like a good frost and a sunny day :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog

    Jenni xx

    1. Yes there's nothing better than a crisp winter day!


Thanks so much for commenting.


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